Why Manitoba

North America’s most generous tax credits (up to 65% on labour)

15 mins from everything including the airport, downtown, and equipment rentals

World class crew

Four distinct seasons

Northern wildlife a 1-hour flight away

Just 2-hour time difference with both coasts & a direct flight from LA

Quite possibly the most film-friendly place on Earth

You’ll be hard-pressed to find a place that’s more conducive to filming than Manitoba! In fact, we’ve intentionally built a film and tv industry here and we make things easy because we want you to come here. Expect well-developed infrastructure, easy-to-obtain filming permits, world-class production labor, and highly skilled professionals who love what they do.

Central location and direct flights to LA

Central location and direct flights to LA

Being right in the centre of Canada makes for short flights–including direct from LA–and easy coordination with people on both coasts. 



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