Winnipeg, Manitoba

Nestled in the heart of the Canadian Prairies, Big Sky Studios is a full-service motion picture production centre designed for all of your creative film, television, and multimedia projects.
Situated at 1771 Inkster Boulevard, Big Sky Studios is 15 minutes from Winnipeg's international airport 15 minutes from downtown, and 10 minutes to the edge of town - a convenient location with all the services of a major urban centre, along with easy access to rural filming spaces.

Innovative Facility

In addition to temporary production usage, rental space will be available for companies interested in long-term tenancies – production companies, studio satellite offices, post-production, animation, VFX, etc.

Opening In Phases

Phase 1

August 2022

Repurpose 137,000 SF creative design facility to include:


  • Two Soundproof Production Sound Stages (17,000 SF and 12,800 SF) - 20’ H

  • Mill and Paint Shop (14,000 SF)

  • Flex, Set Dec / Props / Storage (10,000 SF)

  • Wardrobe with Dye and Laundry (10,100 SF)

  • Production and Executive Offices (15,000 SF)

  • Indoor Atrium with Park-Like Setting, Skylights and Kitchen / Commissary / Dining Areas


  • 32,000 SF for Long-Term Tenant Office and related businesses such as production satellite offices, post-production, animation, VFX, etc.

  • 50-seat Common Use Presentation Theatre with Multi-Media Crestron Technology (1,500 SF)

Phase 2

November 2022

  • Two new purpose built clear span sound stages with 40’ height clearance (2x - 15,000 SF)

Who We Are

The partnership behind the purchase is headed by Vancouver's Eighth Avenue Development Group and features an executive team with decades of experience in real estate development, finance, technology, and motion picture production.

Features (Phase 1 & Phase 2)


  • 9 acre site
  • Central heating and air conditioning throughout
  • High velocity air extraction
  • Freight elevator
  • Both dock level and street level loading doors
  • Large meeting rooms with multi-use flexibility
  • Outdoor common courtyard area with fire pits and barbecue
  • Abundant space for outdoor storage
  • Ample space for trucks and large circus parking

Why Big Sky Studios?

Why Manitoba?


Robust Tax Incentives
The “Film and Video Production Tax Credit” is the most competitive in North America with up to 65% on Manitoba labour, or up to 38% on eligible all spend expenditures.


Location Variety
Wide variety of natural spaces and authentic locations, from turn-of-the-century architecture, to charming country villages, sprawling prairies, rolling hills, sandy beaches, thick forests,
rugged wilderness, and one of the largest fresh water lakes in the world that easily ‘doubles’ as the ocean.


Film Friendly
Manitoba is a welcoming film-friendly community with well-developed infrastructure and easy-to-obtain filming permits, world-class production labor, and highly-skilled professionals who love what they do.


Imagine the efficiency of having everything run under one roof and the increased productivity!
Big Sky Studios is an innovative media campus / full-service motion picture production facility that services all productions, BIG and small.


Central North American Location
Close to the exact longitudinal centre of Canada, Winnipeg is equally accessible from New York on the east coast, and Los Angeles on the west.

Stay Tuned

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